How Your Chiropractor Can Help With Spring Allergies


Now that warmer weather has officially arrived in Wisconsin spring allergies are sure to soon follow. We have lots of patients coming in with allergy symptoms and questions on how to manage them.

So What Exactly Are Allergies?

Allergies are our bodies response to our immune system coming into contact with a foreign substance that is normally harmless to other people. These foreign substances or allergens can include dust mites, pollen, insect stings/bites, medicines, and animals just to name a few.


Different parts of the body can be affected by allergies. For example, hay fever affects the eyes and nose while your skin is affected by eczema. Food allergies such as milk and gluten can have a negative effect on skin, the gut, lungs, airways, and even the entire body via blood vessels. Asthma which makes breathing difficult can also be triggered by allergens.

Unleashing the Histamines

When you encounter allergen triggers for your body your immune system recognizes this and launches into a chain reaction to ward them off. First, it sends a message to “mast cells” in your lungs, skin, mouth, nose, blood, and gut to “release histamines” that are stored there. Dr. Katie sat down to break this down for us, along with offering some great advice as well.

As these histamines leave the mast cells they boost the blood flow to the affected areas of your body causing inflammation. This inflammation allows other immune system chemicals to step up and help repair that part of your body.

So for instance, say you are allergic to pollen. Your immune system recognizes this allergen and starts the process of unleashing histamines which tell the membranes in your nose to make more mucus. This action results in you either getting a stuffy or runny nose and sneezing. You may also find that the excess mucus irritates your throat making you cough.

So Now What?

So the allergen has been introduced and the histamines unleashed, so now what? Many times you will hear people talk about taking antihistamines such as Zyrtec, Clariton, or Benadryl. While these can counteract the reaction, you are once again introducing a foreign substance into the body.

Dr. Katie adjusting patient

There are natural alternatives also to consider. Apple cider vinegar has been found to help with head congestion with Elderberry Syrup can be soothing to the respiratory system afterward. Supplements such as Sinuplex and De-His Jr can help combat allergies while making sure to continue to get your 30 minutes of exercise in each day can help get your blood flowing. Finally, stop in and see us at Blue Hills Chiropractic for an adjustment to help boost your immune system and clear your airways.

Want to know more about allergies and how you can boost your immune system? Join Dr. Lauryn and Dr. Jess on Wednesday, April 24th for a FREE Online Allergy & Sinus Workshop.