Increase Exercise and Decrease Allergies

family exercising

There is nothing worse than seasonal allergies putting a damper on your families ability to enjoy the beautiful spring weather. While staying inside decreases your exposure to environmental elements, it probably isn’t a long-term solution you want for your family. You don’t want to be stuck inside hiding from spring, you want to be outside enjoying it!

Allergies and Exercise

Exercise is a fun, healthy way to help you achieve this goal. While not a cure for allergies, sadly we can’t exercise allergies away, exercise can, however, improve your bodies blood flow and release anti-inflammatory hormones, all helping allergens find their way out of your system.

Most important, exercise doesn’t need to be challenging or overly intense to work, just enough to get your heart rate up and your blood pumping! Here Dr. Jess explains this a little more for us:

Making Exercise Fun

We get it, in a world full of cell phones, video games, TV and iPads it can be challenging to get your kids interested in exercising. But don’t give up! We are definitely here for you and have some fun ideas on how to incorporate fun into exercising.

Simon Says

You can incorporate so many fun activities and exercises into a good game of Simon Says. Check out these 28 awesome Simon Says ideas to get you started.  

Obstacle Course

Up, over, around and through, whether indoors or outdoors obstacle courses are a great way to get kids up and moving. First, let them set up or create the obstacle course, then race through as you cheer them on. When they show signs of boredom, try one of these 10 creative ideas to add a little more of a challenge.


kids dancing

Turn-up their favorite tunes and let them show off their favorite dance moves! Dancing is a great way to get their blood flowing while encouraging some creative play as well. These 10 dance games will sure to be a hit.

Incorporating Exercise Into Mom-Time

You are certainly welcome to join the kids in their exercise fun and will get absolutely no judgment here on how crazy you may get. However, exercise is also a great way to multi-task and get some important “mom-time” in too. Here are just a few ways you can get 20-minutes or more of exercise in a day.

Take a Brisk Walk

Whether outside, on a treadmill or at local mall walking is a great way to fit some exercise into your day. While some appreciate the peace and quiet, others like plugging in and walking to their favorite tunes or using this time to catch up on their favorite podcast or to listen to a book.

Become a Yoga Goddess


Yoga is a great way to decrease stress, improve blood flow, and clear your mind. Whether you find a local class to join, try out a YouTube video, or create your own Pinterest board to follow your mind and body will thank you at the end.

Jump in the Pool

Swimming is an excellent way to stay healthy and keep fit. In addition to the many mental health and physical benefits, it can also help with muscle tone and decrease those pesky signs of aging.

Want to know more about how exercise can help with allergy and sinus problems? Join us Wednesday, April 24th for our FREE Allergy and Sinus workshop webinar with Dr. Jess and Dr. Lauryn.

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