Meet the Team


One of the most exciting things about Blue Hills Chiropractic is that we provide collaborative care for our patients. We have 2 doctors and you will get the pleasure of receiving care from both of them! They each bring something different to the table providing you with a well rounded, comprehensive care plan.  

Our office staff are experts in holding babies, blowing bubbles, and making sure your family has the best experience possible.

We can’t wait to meet you!

We can tell you all about ourselves, but the best way to get to know us is to come in!

Our Doctors

Dr. Lauryn Brunclik

Dr. Lauryn Brunclik is the founder of BHC. In clinic you’ll find her hogging every baby that comes in and visiting with patients. She’s a traveler, runner, and national speaker. Lauryn has two daughters, a podcast and a million plants.

Dr. Jessica Richards

Dr. Jess is one of BHC’s doctors. In clinic you’ll find her playing with all the kiddos. She has a dog named Lambeau, loves hiking, traveling and has an obsession with iced coffee.

Our Staff

Morgan Roen

Morgan is our Marketing Coordinator and a mom of 3 girls. In clinic, you’ll see her taking photos and lining up to hold babies. She’s a lover of books, lakes, coffee and is queen of “I learned on Tiktok…”

Abby Gander

Abby is our Patient Ambassador and resident scanner. She’s a mom of 4 and an avid runner, always training for the next big goal! She loves spending weekends with her family and knows every word of Friends.

Alison Nickell

Alison is our Patient Ambassador in clinic you’ll see her for all of your scheduling needs. She is a fun loving adventure seeking mom and wife. She loves camping, hiking and ice fishing with her hubby. Oh, and wine.

Sarah Williams

Sarah is a Chiropractic Assistant.  She takes patient histories and performs scans, among other things. She’s a mom of 3 beautiful kiddos and has the kindest soul. In clinic you’ll find her scanning and helping you at the front desk. She loves all animals and is a crystal junky.

Kiara Hardina

Kiara Hardina is from Barron, you’ll find her in both Cumberland and Rice Lake locations. She’s a big outdoorsy girl, enjoying hiking, camping, and kayaking on her days off. Kiara is a big dog lover and has one of those dry sense of humors you’ll love
RICE LAKE: Mon 9am-12:30PM, 3pm-5:30pm Tue 7am-10am, 3pm-5:30pm Wed: 9am-12:30pm, 3pm-5:30pm Thur: 9am-12:30pm, 3pm-5:30pm Fri: 7am-10am

CUMBERLAND: Mon 9am-12:30pm, 3-530 Wed: 9am-12:30pm, 3pm-5:30pm Fri: 7am-10am

Rice Lake: 715.475.1700 | Cumberland: 715.822.2500

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