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Anxiety is no longer just an “adult problem” and is being diagnosed in as young as 3 years old. Whether you, or your child is dealing with diagnosed, or undiagnosed signs of anxiety, we want you to know Blue Hills Chiropractic is here for you and wants to help.


Anxiety is often a sign that the nervous system (brain & spinal cord) is struggling to adapt to the ever changing environment around it.  When the nervous system cannot predict whether it is safe or in danger, it has a tendency to stay in what we call “fight or flight” mode which is constantly trying to predict, protect & defend.

In this mode, it is custom and normal for the brain to rapidly go through worse case scenarios, what ifs, and fear. This is a survival instinct we’ve developed from evolution.

Many things including our genetics and environment contribute to whether we’re experiencing signs of anxiety. In addition, all emotional, physical, or chemical stress we experience can be stored within our nervous system and essentially lock us into that state of fight or flight even more.

How can chiropractic help?

Stress stored in the nervous system that has us locked into protect mode can be released.

Just as there is a “protect” mode in the body, there is also a “relax” mode. This mode is often referred to as “rest & digest” and is the natural state our body is in when we feel relaxed and safe.

There are ways with chiropractic to take built up stress in the nervous system and release it or “unlock” the state of fight or flight, and allow the body to naturally go into “rest & digest”.

These gentle and specific techniques for removing stress and restoring the body to its state of “rest and digest” allows the body to naturally calm, relax, and rest.

Patients who were experiencing signs of anxiety and underwent chiropractic care in our clinic report:

-less “tantrums” or “panic attacks”

-Better digestion

-Improved sleep

-Improved immune system

-Less separation anxiety

-Less tears

-Easier time in social situations

-Easier time in crowds

-Easier transitions


What does an adjustment look like for someone with anxiety?


Whether a child or adult, it is of highest priority in adjusting to make the individual (and their nervous system) feel safe. This often means that a more “typical” adjustment involving a lot of movement and noises can be too much and overwhelm their system even more.

Each person is different, but typically an adjustment involves gentle pressure and encouragement of the nerves in the spine responsible for mounting an attack to release, and positive stimulation of the nerves of the spine responsible for relaxation to engage. Often kids just think they’re getting a gentle back massage.

Our doctors will perform a thorough but child friendly exam to be sure we know exactly what needs to happen to encourage the body to switch from fight or flight to rest and digest.



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