Allergies and Asthma

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Asthma & Allergies

Do you dread seasonal changes, or need to avoid certain activities or foods because you cannot stop sneezing, constant drippy nose, or break out into a rash? Allergies come in all shapes and sizes. Some only suffer from annoying seasonal allergies, typically in the Fall and Spring. Whereas, other struggle with allergies to pets, foods, and the environment year-round.

What are allergies? Allergies are our immune system’s response to an environmental agent. When we breathe in pollen, pet dander, or mold it causes our immune system to raise a red flag that we are under attack. We experience itchy eyes, congested sinuses, plugged ears, sneezing, or difficulty breathing. These reactions to allergens are caused by a chemical called histamine. Histamine is our body’s defense response to the allergen. Where the signs and symptoms of the allergic response are based on the location of the allergen in the body, and the immune system mounting an attack. If you breathe in an allergen and it causes your nose to react, you will experience a runny nose and sinus congestion. Whereas, if you breathe in allergen and it causes an immune response in your upper respiratory tract and lungs, you may suffer with an asthma attack. Both are allergic reactions.

Chiropractic can help calm your body’s response to allergies. We focus on removing stress on the nerves in the neck and upper back as they communicate to the head, sinuses, ears, and lungs. With improved communication your body can drain fluid, clear ears, and breathe easier. A bonus, adjustments boost the immune system and help you bounce back quicker after an allergic reaction!

Nora was struggling with respiratory issues and was facing a lifetime of nebulizers and inhalers. She is now nebulizer free, no rattle, and a happy healthy kid!

Dr. Katie talks spring allergies, explains what allergies & asthma are, and how we can help!



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