Day 10- The last day!

Today isn’t really about following a particular menu plan, but more slowly reintroducing yourself back to real foods. Make yourself one last morning smoothie if you have powder left over. Keep incorporating a lot of fruits and vegetables into your diet at every meal. Start by adding the “naughty good things” back into your diet in small amounts, such as: chicken, whole wheat, dark chocolate, low fat dairy, and red wine. Keep in mind your stomach may revolt if you go hog wild right away. Use your own discretion for how quickly to incorporate food back in.

If you’re happy with the weight loss you’re seeing, you can continue the diet at a less severe pace going forward. Keep making smoothies for breakfast, and only incorporate organic, lean chicken, eggs, tuna, and fish back into your diet. Try and keep 2/3 of your meals vegetarian still. Keep soda, alcohol, and gluten out as long as you can.

For those wanting to be done as soon as possible, keep your lunch vegetarian on day 10, and composed mostly of vegetables and simple grains. Be cautious the first time you eat gluten (bread or pasta especially) and eat only a small amount. Large amounts of gluten may make you sick the first time after detoxing. I’d also avoid anything from a box or can still. Your body is so clean right now… don’t go and add garbage right away by eating processed food.

For dinner, allow yourself a high quality, low fat protein such as salmon or antibiotic free chicken. Keep heavy sauces at a minimum until you get used to eating “normal” foods again. Go ahead and have a glass of red wine tonight… you’ve earned it!

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  1. turpenoff says:

    I have done this cleanse 3 times.. It is wonderful! I love your recipes and the detail of everything .. I am going to use your blog for this cleanse! Thank you so much!

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