We understand how to work with children suffering from spectrum disorders.
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We understand the unique needs of a family with a child dealing with a spectrum disorder. Daily struggles like going to the bathroom, playing with siblings, and going to bed, which are hard on a typically developing child, are astronomically harder.

We know that not all parents are happy with the results medications provide for them, or are looking for drug free options to see improved digestion, sleeping, or less severe tantrums.

The goal of introducing chiropractic care to a child with spectrum issues, is to remove as much stress that’s on their nervous system as possible. When a child has less stress on their system, communication between brain and body can flow freely and optimally.

When stress is removed and communication is increased throughout the nervous system, this is what our parents have noticed in their child:

  • Faster progress with speech therapy
  • Less struggles going to the bathroom
  • Easier time falling and staying asleep
  • Less aggressive tantrums
  • Increased coordination
  • More interactive play with family and friends
  • Less colds and congestion
  • Better mood reports from special ed teacher

Where does this “stress” on the nervous system come from?

Many of our patients share a very similar story. Including many of these issues:

  • Mom under stress emotionally or physically during pregnancy
  • Birth interventions
    • Needing to be induced
    • Medical emergency required an unscheduled c-section
  • Early childhood illness requiring increasing medical intervention

Any and more of these factors will drive a child’s neurology into a state we call “fight or flight”. Basically, the child’s environment has been so emotionally, chemically or physically stressful, that the nervous system has only known full on “protect” and “defend” mode.

With spectrum issues, of course there are a million other environmental and genetic factors involved, but some of that developmental stress is removable and can be helped- without drugs!

Additionally, we love working with other providers and our patients have seen benefits in working with us and behavior therapy, OT, PT, speech, etc.  



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