Pregnancy Classes

Whether you’re trying to get pregnant, are pregnant, or are preparing for the postpartum journey, we’ve got you covered with tons of FREE information and advice!  Read the class descriptions below and choose which class (or classes) are right for you!

All classes are FREE, will be hosted at Blue Hills Chiropractic’s Rice Lake location, and food and beverages will be provided.

Preconception Wellness: Navigating the Path to Parenthood” is a comprehensive class that offers insights into natural cycle tracking, essential nutrition for conception, infertility basics, and the relationship between chiropractic care and reproductive health. Tailored for those planning for a family or enhancing their preconception preparations, participants gain actionable knowledge to optimize fertility and overall well-being. The class fosters a supportive environment for learning and connecting with others on the journey to parenthood. One ticket covers both partners in a couple.

Join our in-person, partner-focused class to confidently navigate the wonders of pregnancy, labor, and delivery. Dive deep into trimester-specific nutrition, understand the various stages of labor, and explore both natural childbirth and potential interventions. The course emphasizes partner involvement, introducing labor positions that maximize comfort and facilitate the birthing process. Remember, one ticket covers both you and your partner!

Embrace the postpartum period with our comprehensive workshop tailored for new parents. Dive into crucial topics, from physical recovery and emotional well-being to newborn care and sleep strategies. Designed as a partner-inclusive experience, this evening offers valuable insights to set you on a confident path to parenthood. Remember, a single ticket covers both partners!