January Detox


 The doctors at Blue Hills Chiropractic are doing a detox, and you’re invited!

Join us on our journey, either by just getting the detox materials, or going all in and being part of our tribe. 

If you “join the team” you’ll get access to a private facebook group where everyone can share their journey and get support from others on the same path.  You’ll also get exclusive content from the doctors including recipes and detox hacks, and they’ll answer your questions in a weekly LIVE Q & A!

The detox starts January 2nd and goes through the 30th,

so get your order in ASAP!

Please note: The deadline to get your materials for the start of the detox has passed, but you can still purchase and we’ll get you everything as soon as we can and you can join a little late!  

You’ll be able to see old posts/videos in the private group.

I just want the powder, supplements, and basic instructions, I’ll figure it all out on my own.



I’m pumped to be part of the team!  I can’t wait to share my experiences, learn from others, and get exclusive advice from the ladies at Blue Hills Chiropractic


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